We’re Investing in Nordic Growth Stories, helping you to succeed.


Facts about Standout Capital

We invest in Companies with an established business, typically with revenues of SEK 50-100 million (EUR 5-10 million) and proven profitability. We like scalable business models and good growth (at least 15% per year) enabled through technology.
We don’t invest in Seed or early stage, or sectors like biotech, cleantech or gambling.
Investment size  Typically SEK 50-150 million (EUR 5-15 million) per company.
Our engagement We’re an active shareholder and main owner, and participate on the board.
Type of investments New capital for growth (primary shares), and buying shares from passive owners and founders (secondary shares).
Region We invest in companies based in the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway) often with international markets.
Our office Stockholm, Sweden.
Our investors Top Swedish and international institutions and pension funds.

A personal approach

Standout Capital is a private equity firm investing in growing tech companies. We have a personal approach and entrepreneurial know-how. The founders and investment team build on personal experience in entrepreneurship, investments and finance. As an active owner, we are personally highly engaged in our firm and the companies we partner with. Our mission is to support outstanding companies to grow and succeed. Standout Capital invests in Nordic growth companies and the digital transformation in business and society.

Adding value and helping you succeed

Standout helps innovative companies to grow and succeed by partnering with founders and other owners. We provide capital for growth, work via the board, help making decisions that build value, contribute with digital strategy, sales and marketing experience, assist in key recruiting and help managing exits when the time is right. We open up our networks to our portfolio companies for specific expertise and operations.

Our five success factors

  • Operational experience from building companies
  • “Both sides of the table” perspective, combining entrepreneurship and finance
  • Strong networks, both locally and globally
  • Technology, digital and online expertise
  • The ability to unlock companies’ full potentials

Founding team

Standout was founded by Klas Hillström, Fredrik Arnander and Erik Wästlund. The co-founders combine significant experience in investing, entrepreneurship, operations and technology, having made 30 investments, starting 10 technology companies and serving on 30+ boards. Each partner has been the CEO of a technology growth company.

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